In a post today on BBC Africa’s social media pages, they announce their intention to start featuring African Fashion as one of their segments.

In their words; “In the next couple of weeks, BBC Africa is going to be looking at #AfricanFashion. As the topic is so vast, we want to hear from you on what we should be focusing. Pls suggest your ideas below.


BBC Africa Facebook Page

This we believe is a welcomed change and will contribute to African Fashion. More grease to your elbow!

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Nigerian Professor Produces Antivirt, An Anti Viral Drug For Treating HIV AIDS. Despite doubts in some quarters about the authenticity of his claims, Professor Maduike Ezeibe of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike (MOUAU), Abia State, has insisted that his recent therapy for the dreaded HIV and AIDS is real and effective.


The discovery of the therapy, Ezeibe said, was a major scientific breakthrough in the search for a cure to the global pandemic.

He said after 19 years of hard work, he was able to discover the therapy and his research was eventually published in the British Journal of Medicine & Medical Research.

The Professor of Veterinary Medicine, who obtained his first degree in same discipline at the University of Nigeria Nsukka in 1986, Masters in Ruminant Medicine, and doctorate degree in Canine Medicine all in UNN, said he moved to MOUAU on leave of absence.

Speaking with Southern City News in his office, he said his research into the therapy known as ‘Antivirt’ (Anti-Viral Therapy), dated back to 1994 when he took the challenge to be part of the global solution to the HIV/AIDS scourge ravaging humanity.

Ezeibe said his work had been published by the American-based medical journal known as The Health.

He said he decided to publish his research work on the therapy so as to prove anyone who would doubt that a black man could develop HIV/AIDS cure, wrong.

He boasted that the experiment remained authentic and verifiable in any part of the world.

According to him, two essential minerals – aluminum silicate (kaolin) and magnesium silicate, used in the production of the therapy, have large deposits in Umuahia and parts of Abia State.

This, he said, would make the therapy cheaper and more affordable than the old anti-retroviral therapy.

He added that the therapy would take an average of two to three months to cure HIV/AIDS patient.

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EKSU-MOCPED Students Protest to APC Campaign Rally at Epe


The students of Ekiti State University in affiliation with Michael Otedola College of Primary Education are obviously not ready to rest until the world hears them and their problems solved.

They all marched to All Progressive Party (APC)’s campaign rally at Epe yesterday, which had the likes of the Governor of Lagos State and other dignitaries in attendance.

According to them, We Will Win.


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EKSU-MOCPED graduates cry for certificates

Be patient —MOCPED
Until we receive bank alert —EKSU
What Adeniyi Owoduni was told when coming to Michael Otedola College of Primary Education (MOCPED), Noforija, Epe Lagos State for a degree programme was that the students of the institution enjoyed similar privilege with that of the Ekiti State University (EKSU), Ado-Ekiti. The college in additional to its regular programmes is also running some degree programmes in conjunction with EKSU leading to the award of degree certificates bearing the names of the two institutions.

With this in mind, Owodunni believed that he would collect his certificate immediately after graduation just as it is applicable to EKSU graduates. But three years down the line, the 49-year-old graduate of political science had left the college without knowing when to be issued his statement of results let alone the certificat.

“I spent six years to study political science instead of four years that the students in EKSU are spending for the same course, yet I cannot get my certificate,” he lamented. National Mirror gathered that Owodunni is not alone in the situation. Thousands of others who graduated from the college from 2010 to date are equally affected. Omola Thompson, Rofiat Ahmadu and Adeyinka Borokini who studied Political Science, Economics and Mathematics respectively are some of them. They told National Mirror that their inability to be in possession of their certificates some years after graduation is already debarring them from seeking gainful employment. “And we have appealed on several occasions to the school authority to give us our certificates without success,” Omola said. “That is why we have concluded that the leadership is not concerned about our plight.”

But the Provost of the college, Prof. Olu Akeusola debunked the students’ claim that all the 2010 set have not collected their certificates, saying some have already collected theirs while others are being processed. “So, it is a lie that we abandon them as it won’t be our pride to do so,” he said. Akeusola who said he inherited the problem in 2011 when he came on board as the provost blamed the development on poor coordination of the programme by the past administration.

He said the former administration was unable to take the results of the students down to the affiliate institution due to the failure of students to pay their school fees on time and some other discrepancies. “It was when I assumed office that I made the students realised the need for them to pay the fees which they did in 2011,” he stressed. Akeusola, a Professor of Comparative Grammar also explained that the internal crisis that engulfed the college in the last two years including student incessant protests was another serious factor that is slowing down the process that will lead to the issuance of the certificates.

Nevertheless, he said that a committee is already working to facilitate the process while appealing to the affected former students to remain calm. In their own reactions, the management of Ekiti State University (EKSU) said MOCPED had not been able to present the results to them for approval due to non remittance of funds. Speaking with National Mirror, the Deputy Director, Affiliate Colleges in EKSU, Dr. Florence Osalusi explained that the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Patrick Aina, had visited the institution, on debt recovery and the need for the authority to present the results for senate approval but had yielded no positive results.
“And they won’t get the certificate until the college fulfill its own part of the bargain by remitting the fees to us,” she concluded.

Source:: National Mirror

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Protest turn sour as students protests at Eksu-Mocped Epe, Lagos


The drama started when the students of Ekiti State University in affiliation with Michael Otedola College of Primary education staged a peaceful protest to agitate against the unfair treatment of d management of the institution. A press release by the mother institution (Ekiti State University) on the 23rd of January 2015 prompted this protest. In the publication, MOCPED was accused of huge indebtedness and non remittance of students result to the school (eksu) senate for approval. This press release and the unfair treatment of students on this campus prompted students to demand for explanation from the school management . Some of the things agitated for by the students include:
1. Untimely release of examination result
2. Alleged embezzlement of their school fees 
3. Non remittance of Eksu’s fund 
4. Non processing of students certificate
5. Unstable academic calendar 
6. Poor managerial setting
      The peaceful protest was later turned sour on the arrival of the army. On their (soldiers) arrival, they started shooting to the air & at the same time harassing the students with their ammunition without hearing the students view. Students where tortured like criminals without committing any crime.
      At a point, the soldiers started looting nearby hostels and any student found inside the hostel was seriously dealt with. Many students were injured by this soldiers without any justifiable reason.