Style Tips: Incorporating Ankara in your Look

Hi guys, thank God it’s Friday. After a long week at work, we’re are glad the week is coming to an end; and I’ll be discussing ways to rock your Ankara separates in a stylish and chic manner.

1. On Top

Having your Ankara on Top is one of the easy ways to style your Ankara separates in cropped top, jacket, or puffed off-shoulder paired with a straight pant.

2. At the Bottom

Bolinto in Salmah Guzel pant. Source: Instagram

Ankara pants never go wrong. From straight-cut to boot-cut and palazo, paired with a nicely cut plain or easy patterned top.

Or as a skirt, be it straight or flared, short or long. Yippee!!! There you go.

3. Accessories

Going for one Ankara accessory at a time is the key. On the neck, earrings or as bangles, head wraps, shoes or bags.

Have a tip of it, and you’re good to go.

Have a splendid weekend.

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