Denrele Edun Falls Off Stage At Port Harcourt Show Yesterday 

Credit: IG - Denrele Edun

I couldn’t believe my eyes at first, but then it was an epic one. lol!
Denrele is in Port Harcourt over this weekend as host for the

Events Show

and last night, had a major massive fall while flipping his long braids on the runway.

Denrele had kicked off The Event Show night at the Aztec in Port Harcourt with what he called a “head-banging-duttie-whining-spree” dance; unfortunately, not having in mind that the stage is not so wide, mid-way through his feisty performance, he tumbled off the stage to a shattering fall. 




Anyways, like the true-die-hard winch that he is… he got back up IMMEDIATELY and continued like it was part of the show!

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