africanmodellookThe Global market scene continues to redefine itself with African fashion and styles with selection of talents discovered locally and internationally, recently with more aspiring, emerging talents across Africa yet to be discovered.

Modeling today is growing faster by the minute, which serves a means of livelihood to many models while others use it to supplement their earnings; which is helping tackle the problem of unemployment and poverty.

Cutesaint Concepts is a fashion house which is aimed at creating a platform on which Models can launch an amazing career for greater achievement and recognition, with the view of bringing out the hidden potentials which is yet to be discovered. After the successful implementation of ‘Face of Eclectic’, it seeks a means to be more proactive rather than reactive to the changes in the continent and growth of Fashion in Africa, thereby gave birth to the initiative of ‘African Model Look’.

African Model Look is as a result of the urge, willingness and hunger to make an impact in the fashion industry by creating a platform on which models can explore their potentials and reach out to the international market. Auditioning models in the Fashion Centres of three African countries (Nigeria, Ghana and Benin Republic), African Model Look will bring together young experts in the industry, pulling ideas from various sources and urge for perfection.

It will epitomize new creativity in the continent with an annual event to debut in Lagos Nigeria, aiming at promoting the development, growth, empowerment and promotion of unique creativities and new talents by nurturing, equipping, fine-tuning, harnessing and rewarding their talents and skills, through a league of professionals in the industry.

This event will also provide young models with the opportunity to upgrade them and enrich not only their lives, but contribute to the development of their community. africanmodellook1

For enquiries about sponsorship and partnership, you can contact 08065165079, 07057339418




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