INTERVIEW: Meet Mr Tourism Nigeria South-South 2014 – Bernard Effiong


Behold as i introduce to you…. Bernard Effiong. An Akwa Ibom born model based Calabar, Whose modeling career began when he emerged as the South-south ambassador of Mr Tourism Nigeria 2014.

A student of University of Calabar, who has walked the runway of several fashion shows which includes not only B-boy exhibition/fashion Nite, Fushion Gospel meets runway, Encore 2015, et.c and have been scheduled for jobs like Gateway Fashion Week Ogun, The Event show and Lagos fashion awards.

In an interview with Ajose Muftau Blog, he revealed how the journey is moving over the short period of time.

Enjoy the excerpts from the interview below….

Please introduce yourself to us

I’m Bernard Effiong, 24, Model and a student of University of Calabar. Umm I’m one of the Finalists for Best model Nigeria 2015. Need as much support as possible to make it too. Currently Mr Tourism Nigeria, south-south ambassador. 

Why did you choose modeling?

I chose modeling because of my love for fashion and style.


Fashion competition?

Competition is certain. But I do my things in my best and let grace and favour do the rest

What Challenges are you facing?

Not much for now…

Describe yourself in a sentence‎

Umm. I’m an optimist. I believe everything is possible. 

What are your plans for the Future?

My plans for the future is staying successful in my career.

Any Beauty tip?

No beauty tip tho. Just eating well.

What is style to you?

Style to me is just an expression of one’s creativity 

Height: 6’2″
Chest: 38
Waist: 34
Shoe: 44

Contact Details
Instagram: model_bennie
Facebook: Bernard Effiong 



Feel free to comment and send suggestions

fb: Ajose Muftau Blog
ff: @phemie08
IG: iamcutesaint

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