Rihanna is Pretty is So Much Pink for New Fragrance Campaign

Photo: Twitter 

Rihanna has been channeling sophisticated, high fashion glamour a lot more regularly now that she’s representing Dior, but the campaign for her newest fragrance RiRi takes that look to almost comical new heights.

Released by the pop star via social media on Tuesday night, the image shows Rihanna wrapped in bright pink satin that billows out from delicate gloves accented by pearl bracelets. Her long red hair is impressively teased around her face, and whoever did her eyelash extensions should be given a standing ovation. And, of course, she’s sporting a matching pink color on her lips and cheeks. It’s like Marilyn Monroe’s “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” look on steroids.

Rihanna has never been one for subtlety, but the photo marks a major change from the campaigns for her first four fragrances — Reb’l Fleur, Rebelle, Nude and Rogue — which featured her in various stages of undress and had sexier vibes. (In fact, the campaign for Rogue was even banned in the UK for being too suggestive.) But it’s refreshing to see her explore a more conservative and girly aesthetic here, even if it’s still done in a typically over-the-top Rihanna way — with piles of pink silk and multiple cans of hairspray.

SOURCE: fashionista.com


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