INTERVIEW: Meet Badmus Dasilva Gbolahan


Recently, we had an interview with Badmus Dasilva, an up and coming model to reckon with. It was a great session with lots if fun. He has walked several runways within and outside Nigeria like; Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Africa Fashion Festival, NDCA fashion show, Model of Africa and so on; campaign ad with Airtel Nigeria; photoshoots with several photographers like the famous Hakeem Salam Photography, Ofuro Ighalo Photography, Abu Salami photography, Fresh Muse, had a creative shoot with the renowned ‘King of Special Effect’ Leke Shades in a slavery-themed photoshoot and to crown it all, he’s the current face of All African Fashion Week 2015. He’s surely a great deal. *wink*

Enjoy extracts from the interview:

Please give a brief introduction about yourself

I am BADMUS DASILVA Gbolahan. I am from Lagos State, Second born out of three, my parent are awesome. I am a model/actor also an ex student of Lagos State Polytechnic… studied business administration.  I love modeling, fashion, photography, massive runways, dancing, traveling, swimming, epic movies and reading.

Why did you choose modeling?

Modeling is my everything… I live, breath, eat, think and speak modeling & I bleed fashion. Walking on runway is my greatest joy because whenever I do I walk with grandeur, I speak with my body to relate royalty and class making my audience want to wear what I wear and also feel the same way.

Modeling has always been part of me because I am naturally fashion oriented… I got fascinated when I was 7years old and then know someday I will become a super model.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Fashion competition?

There are lots of competition in fashion world but I don’t like competitions because I hate to be defeated.

Describe yourself in a sentence

I am flawless in my flaws.

With Mary London Fashion designer

What Challenges are you facing?

Life/fashion world has been facing me with challenges I can over come even though I had the support and
love of my family.

What are you plans for the Future?

I want to take modeling as a full time job locally and international

What is your favorite Hairstyle?

I love Afro punk.

Any Beauty tip?

I work out, every model works out. I got registered in a gym and I eat
fruits to stay healthy but am not on diet and I do not starve myself either . I
avoid fatty foods


What is style to you?

Style is something that inspires me and makes me stand out . I love colours and I can mixed them well. I create my own style.


Height: 6ft
Chest size: 36
Waist size: 29
Shoe size: 42
Complexion: dark
Eyes color: black
Mobile number: +2348120350644 Facebook: Badmus Dasilva black idol. Twitter: @silvadivo
Instagram: @silvadivo

See more pictures…

Slavery themed shoot
Model of Africa
Africa Fashion Festiva 2014
NDCA fashion show




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5 Comments Add yours

  1. joseph says:

    he is doing totally great, am his fan though, i will be a model someday too. great job man


    1. Absolutely Amazing model so elegant,bold and flawless,he defiantly stole the show in at African fashion festival Ghana.
      Top model.


    2. pk funds says:

      Am really in love with his fisqe nice packs keep up the good work


  2. outlaw says:

    so bold and elegant.. I love his facial expressions too. big ups bro..wish u d best in ur career.


  3. George best says:

    Hmmmmm flawless in my flaws. Just learnt that.keep up the Good work Bro.the sky Is your limit


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