While there are still at least two games left in the NBA finals for the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers, a different kind of victory was announced on Thursday.

Nike has secured an eight-year global merchandising and marketing partnership with the NBA that will not only make Nike the official apparel provider for the association, but will also allow the brand to feature its trademark swoosh on every uniform. This is the first time an apparel partner has negotiated the right to feature its logo on the uniforms in the history of the NBA. According to ESPN, Nike paid $1 billion for the partnership.

Nike has partnered with the NBA in various ways since 1992, but Adidas currently produces the uniforms and will continue to do so until its contract expires in 2017. The German apparel company announced in March that it would not renegotiate the deal, deciding instead to focus on endorsing individual players — players who must now wear Nike logos on the court.

Uniforms are already a big part of Nike’s business. It signed an apparel deal with the NFL in 2012 and with USA Basketball, which oversees national teams for competitions like the Olympics, in 2006.

Nike’s new NBA uniforms will make their debut in the 2017-2018 season.

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