Peter Okoye Breaks Out From Square Records!


Although the Okoye brothers may have physically come back again, it’s now obvious, more than ever, that all is no longer well between them.

That’s because Peter just did something we all consider as a slight to the Okoyes and this spells DOOM!

Peter has floated his own record label, different from the Square Records we know P-Square belongs to. Obviously, he’s planning on going solo.

The whole drama started off Sunday after he shared his cousin’s photo on Instagram and wrote;

“Meet ma cousin @malcoholic_obinna watch Out for his singles soon! Ladies oya!”

Then he followed with another; “@malcoholic_obinna getting ready to hit the industry really hard! #P-ClassicRecord”.

And another; “@malcoholic_obinna #PClassicRecord #singleOutSoon”.

And then this; “@malcoholic_obinna #singleOutSoon #PClassicRecord”.

That’s it! He’s definitely breaking out soon. More like what we suspected earlier!

Source: Dailytimes News


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