Why Kim Kardashian Gets Jealous Of Beyonce, Solange

It’s no news that there’s this huge competition going on, not with Beyonce but with Kim Kardashian and her family. The Kardashians, especially Kim and her mom, Kris, obviously feel the need to compete with Beyonce and her husband, Jay Z, with the most addition being, Solange.


Kim and Kanye want to prove that they are the real power couple and their daughter, North West is cuter than Beyonce’s daughter, Blue Ivy…we get tired of all the drama sometimes.

The more obvious comparison surfaced after Solange’s wedding last week. After sharing a photo of the bride and her family spotting all white, Kris sped off into her collections, posting a family picture where she and her daughters were adorned in all white too.
This move got the internet rolling and tearing Kris apart, with loads of copycat accusations filing in.

And now, Kim pulled her own shot when she took a replica of Solange’s wedding picture. Kim was shot standing amidst some Victoria Secret’s models…what a bore!

Why can’t she just be herself and stop trying hard to always want to submerge the Knowles…why, why why?
It’s obvious. She wants the power and the attention the Knowles have and it’s obvious in everything she does!


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