Rob Kardashian Tweets on Having a Son

This is one Kardashian that is hardly ever in the lime light. Sometimes we easily forget that he exists or that he is a Kardashian.

Back in July, Rob Kardashian tweeted about having a son, and then quickly undid the post.

He later claimed it was just a joke, but that was not the first time Rob would be confirming that he is a baby daddy.

Last year, Rob told friends he has a child, shortly after posting a “shout-out” to his “son’s mom” on Instagram.

Recently, Rob tweeted,

“I’m about to go pick my son up from the port and can’t wait to watch a great movie with him…Suggestions anyone? He’s 6.”

He quickly deleted the tweet, but has not posted the normal “Just kidding!” retraction as he always does.

Could it be that he is a father but he is not proud about it. Why would Rob attempt to keep his offspring under wraps.

Privacy shouldn’t be the issues because he earns his money from a reality show that films his private life.


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