Tiwa And Tunji Balogun VS Etcetera Epic Fight: THE TRUTH

We’d thought the fight would last more than the period it did last week but unfortunately, it didn’t. Etcetera didn’t come out to reply the long twitter diss posted by Tunji and Tiwa, making it all die down untimely- boring end.

But anyway, we have to do justice to the issue behind this latest Nigerian epic celebrity fight- Tiwa and Tunji Balogun VS Etcetera.

You could say if Etcetera had known Tunji and Tiwa Balogun would come after him with clubs and knives, maybe he wouldn’t have written that article published in Punch Newspaper two weeks ago.

Etcetera had written on the controversial topic, ‘why Nigerian female celebrities go for 2nd-hand husbands instead of brand new ones’, and guess what, Tiwa and Tunji Balogun didn’t take it lying low, as everyone knew that same weekend was their white wedding far away in Dubai.

Tunji started the whole Twitter rant when took to his handle to blast Etcetera, calling him a failed-artiste-turned-columnist. Then his wife supported by saying Etcetera had become irrelevant and that most artistes who came after him had become successful in the game.

Well, first of all, Etcetera was entitled to his own opinion as we well know that most female celebrity ladies now prefer to be either second wives, marry an already married man, divorcee and all sorts. Just few of them are lucky to marry brand new husbands.

But can we blame these ladies? No! The reason is because Nigerians perceive female entertainers as sluts and so, most guys are scared to go for them. This shouldn’t be so at all because these ladies are humans too with feelings. Either acting, singing or whatever form of entertainment they choose to do, is their passion and shouldn’t be used to judge them.

Besides, why is it that it’s only the female entertainers that get judged while their male counterparts are seen as doing something normal? That’s a societal perversion we must do away with as it’s not same in Western countries of the world.

So if young eligible Nigerian men run away from these female entertainers, what do you think they’ll do? Away from all the public attention and money they make from hustling to make a living, they also crave affection and intimacy so, they could grab whoever comes their way.

To be candid, why do young Nigerian men feel inferior at the sight of successful women anyway? A more reason why we think female entertainers are left behind when it comes to finding love early in life.

Again, do you blame a lady for accepting to marry a man who already had issues in his former marriage and decides to quit it? Afterall, she wasn’t the one who caused the wahala in the man’s home with his former wife, girlfriend or live-in lover who decided to turn herself into a wife without waiting for the man to officially ask for her hand in marriage as it’s common abroad where Tunji Billz once lived with his former lover who had two kids for him.

From information available to us, some said Tunji committed a crime abroad and decided to run to naija to start a new life with Tiwa. We don’t know how true that is.

Some said since his union with the other woman fell apart- of which we can’t validate whether or not he was officially married to her; Tunji then decided to come back to Nigeria to start a new life, after which he started off with artistes management, Tiwa being his first catch.

Since the issue of Tiwa married to a 2nd hand husband broke, we’ve been calling for Tunji’s baby mama, to produce an evidence showing they were officially married but she hasn’t come forth with any yet.

Our prayer for Tiwa is that she shouldn’t experience any delay in getting pregnant and baring her own children because God forbid, if she doesn’t bare children on time, yawa fit burst o! As we all know that Tunji still keeps in touch with his children from the other woman and takes good care of them, which is good of him but, Tiwa could see it as him spending all their hard earned money training his children if she doesn’t have hers on time, and that could cause some trouble.

As per Tiwa and Tunji calling Etcetera a failed-artiste-turned-columnist- that was unexpected of them. To say the truth, the entertainment industry is like a shirt-run course for every artiste. You won’t be in the public eye forever. There’s a period where you’d shine and then fade as fresh acts come on board. The only thing is for you to make the most of the shinning period to gather enough money to do other businesses and make investments so as to sustain yourself in the future.

So, dear Tiwa Savage, kindly take note that your time will soon be up too, just like Etcetera’s time was over. Only that we can’t prove Etcetera is now doing well for himself outside of music.

As per rumour that Tunji Billz lives off Tiwa, it’s a known fact that Tunji is into artiste management as has worked his ass out pushing Tiwa’s career to the forefront. Atleast he worked hard for what he’s reaping today anyway. But no one can determine who a man or woman falls in love with. That’s why Tiwa and Tunji falling in love with each other is nobody’s business. Our prayer is that now that both are married, Tunji should still be able to bear seeing his wife getting all the attention and still be able to keep his head cool. Because the moment he starts feeling too jealous about her being in the public eye, he’ll start to restrict her and that will surely cause problems which may eventually lead the marriage to hit the rocks- that’s the danger of female acts falling in love with their managers which people like one-time soul singer Azeezat may be regretting today. Her marriage to Seyi Allen who was her manager probably stopped her thriving career. Now, she’s struggling to come back but, things ain’t just the same anymore.

And as per Tiwa toning down her sexiness since she’s now married, that should be left to her and her husband to decide. Besides, her sexiness has been one of her selling points so, why stop it all in the name of marriage. If her husband feels cool with it, why does it have to bother you?

Enough said on this matter already. Watch this space for more exciting celebrity lifestyle analysis.


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