Brendance & Crusader Ltd, in partnership with Fabrique by FABZ presents;

The critical acclaimed revolutionary pageant, formerly known as Nigeria Brain Super Model (NBSM) has taken center stage!

An event where Super Models both male and female would be CREATED!, DISCOVERED!! PROMOTED!! and EXPOSED!!!
So here is a chance for you to show the world what you’ve got in you, the super beauty and cuteness that lies in you and a platform to be an international model.!!!

Here are some Opportunities you stand to gain just by participating : #grace the runway of Soweto International Fashion Week this winter. #Become Brand Ambassador for Gionee. Mobile.
#Face of Fabz design with a year wardrobe.
#One year Spa treatment by Stim Studio.
#Winners would be addressed as Mr Nigeria Int’l and Miss Nigeria Int’l respectively.
#And ofcourse $1000 USD prize money and a portable official car… Yes an official car!! Log into fill the form

All you need do to register is very simple and easy
pay #5000 only into any branch of

Acc name: Brendance and Crusader Ltd.
Acc No: 2015112828.

SKYE BANK PLC, nationwide.
Acc name: Brendance and Crusader Ltd.
Acc No.: 1770331739.

And one more thing , Auditions to be held Nationwide
For participation, inquiries, sponsorship or partnership, contact:

7B5610DC, 24DD748B,
2AF62F77. 761A80C1 331210fc


WHAT ARE YOU STILL WAITING FOR JOOR GO GET YOUR FORM NOW AND SPREAD THE GOOD NEWS… I’m sure you don’t wanna miss this opportunity!!!


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