Snooki And Jwoww Season 4 Coming Soon!

Snooki and Jwoww

There’s so much happening in the lives of these two right now- owning to the fact that they’re besties and pregnant at the same time, plus preparations for Snooki’s wedding.


Snooki herself made the announcement via her Facebook wall, saying Jwoww and herself are going through loads of experiences at the moment and they want us to be part of their lives at the moment.


Reason why Snooki And Jwoww Season 4 is getting us all excited and we can’t wait to know what’s happening with these two at these time of their lives together.



“Hey boos! I’m so excited to announce we will be doing another season of Snooki and JWOWW this summer and we can’t wait! There is so much going on this summer, with both of us being pregnant and planning my wedding! Can’t wait to show you guys all the exciting us that’s going on in our lives! Stay tuned ! XOXOX”, she wrote.


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