Jewel of Africa TV reality show, a platform for Africa’s best – Senator

Sen. Grace Bent, member, Governing Council, Jewel of Africa, has said that the Africa TV reality show will showcase Africa’s best cultural, social and ethical values.
Bent said while speaking on Wednesday in Abuja that the show would not project promiscuity as shown in the Big Brother Africa (BBA).

She said that the Jewel of Africa would be a complete departure from BBA, where all manners of obscenity were shown on television to the public, thereby corrupting their mind.

The senator said that the programme would reflect the social cultural diversity of the country, adding that 27 states, including the FCT, would participate in the first edition.

Bent said that the reality show would help to revolutionalise the tourism industry in the country, adding that it would showcase Africa’s best in dressing and greeting, among others.

She said that the youth must be re-groomed to assume their place in the country, and that the programme would provide an avenue for re-orienting them about African way of life.

She said that the TV reality show would offer a different approach to the way things were being done in the country especially to the youth.
Bent, however, appealed to President Goodluck Jonathan to support the programmes, saying that it would help to rejuvenate the country’s lost cultural value.
She said that the endorsement of the president would help to boost the show.

“We want the president to support and adopt the Jewel of Africa project and drive it as a Nigerian project by encouraging the public and private investors.
“Giant government agencies and well-meaning Nigerians are also needed to provide support for the project,” she said.

She said that the governing council had resolved to show dedication, honesty, transparency and excellence, to achieve President Goodluck Jonathan’s dream of revolutionalising the culture and tourism sector.

This, according to her, is meant to achieve a positive reorientation of the younger generation in the national life.

The continent-wide multi-dimensional show is designed to restore Africa’s cultural values.

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Ajose Muftau


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