Is religiosity really necessary for development and good living?

Good morning dear AMB readers, I saw this post on fb and decide to show it to you to hear what you think about it.

Happy Sunday; Enjoy….

Learning is a relatively permanent change in behaviour due to experience. The reasons why many Nigerians troop to church on Sundays have not yet eluded my attention.

The immediate instinct is to go to church because it is ok. Just ok. Then the further explanations could be hinged on the Bible and other moral injunctions. Although there is no established correlation between morality and going to church. People who re extremely moral are not church people. Atheist are moral too. But in the essence of the discuss, the intrinsic reasons why most Nigerians troop to church on sundays could be factors other than simple learnt behaviour or the bible’s injunction. It is hypothetical to agree
that many youths in Nigeria go to church on sundays, or any other days on reasons different from the two we identified above.

For example, many young adults go to church to showcase their new clothes or flaunt their selves to whoever cares to observe them.
Another obvious reason is to hook up with friends and perhaps make new friends… For the guys, to observe the latest babes and for
babes, to find the cutest guy or the rich and well-to-do. Others go to church just to dance or to simply just to fulfil “all righteousness”.

Just very few pay active attention to the preacher’s voice from the pulpit. Even when there seem to be engaged attention to the preacher, there is no pre-determined resolution to turn a new-leaf. So that in the real sense, going to church is only a learned behaviour which can be unlearned by will.

The Bible probably was right when it
prophesied that “In the days to come, you will no longer hear ‘Let’s go into the house of God, or to the mountains to hear the Lord’s law. But the law would be inscribed in the
hearts of my people..’ For in those days, those who love the Lord will worship in truth and in spirit…” Well, what is the reasons why we go to church on Sundays or any other
day? If we truly are godly, there won’t be strife and poverty in our country as we see today. What purpose has going to church and, or being the most populous religious or
being the most spiritually inclined people served. Is religiosity necessary for development and good living?

Hmmm….. What do you think?


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