UNBELIEVABLE: See Denrele’s New Shoes!

I sincerely hope this guy won’t break his thin legs one day.

We thought we’d seen the worse of OAP Denrele Edun’s crazy innovations but no, we ain’t seen nothing yet.

Just wait until you see this new shoes of his- the pair are simple out of this world!
And guess what? He hope his name would enter into the Guiness Book Of Records for the world’s highest heeled shoes ever seen.

But I’m glad he didn’t try walking with them at first. He had to sit to take this photo.

See them yourself.

Pharrell Williams Designing Collection For Adidas!

For all you care to know, American rapper, Pharrell Williams is presently designing some stuff for top fashion label, Adidas Originals on a long term project.
According to Elle, he’s not just designing a collection. His textiles factory, Bionic Yarn, has worked on special fabrics for the designs too, teaming up with Parley of the Oceans in order to transform plastic debris found in the oceans into fabric.

‘Working with an iconic brand like adidas is such an incredible opportunity,’ says Pharrell. ‘From the classic track suit, to growing up in Virginia wearing Stan Smiths, adidas has been a staple in my life. Their pieces are timeless.’

He tells WWD, ‘I’m definitely not on the level of these people, who are real designers and do this as a profession. I’m more of a student. Luckily over the years I have found great collaborators and business partners who have helped me share these ideas.’

Details of the adidas Originals x Pharrell Williams collection will drop this summer.

AMAA 2014: Dickson mobilises support

Ahead of the 10th anniversary celebration of the Africa Movie Academy Awards,AMAA, which takes place on the 26th of April, in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, the governor of the state, Hon. Seriake Dickson has mobilised the private sector leaders to support the prestigious pan-African awards.

The governor who also used the occasion to regale the captains of industry present at the event about his achievements in office in the last two years said, his administration wants to develop the economy of the state beyond oil and he mentioned tourism as a major economic driver for the non-oil sector economy.

‘’With AMAA which is our flagship entertainment event platform and other entertainment events we are promoting in the state, Bayelsa is gradually becoming the entertainment headquarters of Nigeria. Investment in AMAA is an investment into the future of Nigeria.

We are committed to promoting Nigerian talents in movie, music and fashion. Bayelsa is building a film City where filmmakers from all over the world can come and shoot their films. We are also developing our tourism infrastructures to make Bayelsa the leisure capital of Nigeria. I appeal to leaders of private sectors to support AMAA and support our efforts in Bayelsa to enhance the capacity of our youths in the creative industry.”
Earlier in her speech, the Director General of Bayelsa State Tourism Board, Mrs. Ebizi Brown urged the private sector investors to come and invest in the state, adding that the history of AMAA with Bayelsa in the last 10 years has been one of partnership for development.

Before the tobacco bill takes effect

Choice they say is sacred and at the same time has its consequences. One person’s choice of activity may not appeal to a certain group, even when he is exercising his own legal rights.

The perceived and often documented harmful effects of cigarettes do not have uniform effects on all smokers, just in the same way alcohol does not have the same effect on people. One major killer, often with its own documented effects on health, equally with the same magnitude of myriad effects is sugar, fat and cholesterol.

While this alone is up for a lot of debate, it is quite clear from huge amounts of empirical data, studies and patient records that the health complications from consuming sugars causes death. It has also been established that excessive consumption of alcohol leads to sickness and death. In the case of fatty foods, there is the same consensus. Heart ailments, cholesterol, clogged arteries, cancer exposure and high risk, and then death.

If all these indulgements of modern lifestyles cause grievous bodily harm, with the information so well known, analysed and documented, it seems a form of institutional hypocrisy just to pick on one industry as the poster boy for marginalising and limiting that freedom of choice.

The alcohol industry still advertises its death dealing potions of alcoholic drinks, where in most cases, alcohol is consumed recreationally. Direct deaths related to alcohol consumption, sometimes even within hours of ingestion, far outweigh those of tobacco.

Related deaths such as alcohol related domestic violence, accidents, and drunk driving accidents, all within hours of intoxication, far outweigh those of tobacco, whose effects appear years, and as the norm is, decades after consumption.

Even then, it must be stated that it is after a regular regimen of consumption over years do these symptoms become manifest.

Take the so-called junk food phenomenon. No restriction is placed legislatively on what food should be consumed however, fatty foods and their effects on health create direct costs to healthcare and patients in the same manner as smoking does, over the long term. Till date, there has not been any crackdown, restriction, ban or other such activity on high cholesterol, fatty and high sugar foods.

On his part, Ahmed Mustpha, a tractor owner who earns his living from tilling tobacco farms, said it is even far more worrying when you consider that these products contribute to the economy in terms of creating alternative avenues of development for the local economy through its ecosystem; jobs through advertising, distribution, sales and manufacturing.

These additions to value of services and goods are what we need to keep local service based industries running, and tobacco has paid its dues in that respect, not even to mention all the excise taxes that are charged at the highest premiums for tobacco based products.

According to Mr. Emmanuel Egbeyale, a tobacco farmer in Oke-Ogun, Iseyin, Oyo State said: “The tobacco industry does not deserve this kind of discrimination. The tobacco industry is ruled purely by recreation and choice, and consumer information in a free country is what drives choice.

Whereas information on retail packs is dominated by warnings, it is counter to the effort therefore if tobacco advertising is so restricted. Legal limits as to the definition of places to smoke, especially where it does not inconvenience non-smokers is discriminatory on the smoker’s right to exercise his liberties without endangering others.”

Imoh Odiaka, a tobacco distributor, in his opinion said that tobacco has already suffered the sins for all kinds of accusations. Limiting the freedom of smokers is the last straw. Limiting their right to choice by stripping advertisements will not stop people smoking.

The allure of the activity appeals still to some. They are part of our society, and are as law abiding as us all. They indulge, knowingly in an activity that causes them harm, just like drinking sugar-heavy fizzy drinks puts us in peril, just like consuming hard liquor puts us in peril.

In the statement of Justin Akunba, Managing Director of Akunba and Sons, he said that governments and lawmakers should know this, and be humane to the smoker, and the industry he relies on to enjoy some of the simple pleasures in life. Democracy means the free will to choose. Let the smoker be allowed his freedom.

Nigeria can use fashion to create wealth, employment – WFO

Going by the world encyclopedia, fashion is a distinctive and often habitual trend in the style in which a person dresses.

Obviously, people nowadays are getting crazier in the current prevailing styles, and the newest creations of textile designers.

This has given birth to a fashion week, a fashion industry event, lasting approximately one week. This is normally held in the four fashion capitals of the world: Milan, Paris, New York and London.

The week put together by the World Fashion Organization (WFO) allows fashion designers, brands or “houses” to display their latest collections in runway shows, and buyers and the media to take a look at the latest trends.

Most importantly, these events keep the industry as well as the people abreast of what is “in” and what is “out” for the season.

Nigerian designers are no doubt drawing their inspiration from years of cultural fashion history and refitting it for modern-day life, creating apparels that can actually sell at home and abroad.
In 2011, African Fashion Week was hosted in London tagged; African Fashion Week London (AFWL). This was borne out of the urgent need to support young and emerging African inspired designers in the UK.

Owing to the success of AFWL, the Africa Fashion Week in Nigeria (AFWN), Nigerian Fashion Week and other Fashion shows were created to give platform for talented young and emerging designers, who have not been privileged with the opportunity to showcase on an international platform.
The Founder, Nigerian Fashion Week, Mr Lexy Mojo said the event gave Nigeria a platform to associate with the World Fashion Organization, which in turn provided opportunity for the country to showcase its culture and fashion potentials to the whole world.

Mojo disclosed that the upcoming world fashion week for African continent, featuring about 40 designers would provide wide exposure for up coming designers, who had a lot of creativity, but are yet to be discovered. He said for creativity to grow, there is need to be a platform that celebrates and supports it, hence contributing to its growth.

Therefore, it will not be out of place if one thinks of tapping into the abundant potentials in fashion industry to make a living.

It is on this premise, the WFO proposed a collaboration with the federal government of Nigeria to tap into the country’s fashion industry, to create wealth in the society, while generating job opportunities for citizenry.
The partnership brought to fore, when the WFO delegation paid a courtesy visit to the Minister of Tourism, Culture and National Orientation, Chief Edem Duke, was to intimate the government on the forthcoming world continental fashion week that will be taken place, in July, in Nigeria.

The minister expressed government’s readiness to collaborate with World Fashion Organisation (WFO) to create wealth, while empowering women and youth economically, using fashion industry.

To this effect, Saturday Vanguard gathered the two bodies are planning to establish garment manufacturing plant in Nigeria, in addition to the proposed World Fashion University.

Duke told the delegation led by WFO President, Paco De Jaimes, in Abuja that the desire of government to promote culture and fashion was borne out of its struggle to take the country beyond oil.
“For too long, we have been depending on mono product, which is oil; we have come to the realization that oil is producing wealth, but not employing people.

“The fashion value chain which you have proposed today will find a fertile ground in Nigeria. The innate creativity and talent in the Nigeria fashion industry are inexplicable,” he said.

The Minister however made it clear that the government would focus on professionalism, competence and putting right policy in place, to ensure that exploring fashion potentials in the country would not affect negatively the culture of the Nigerian people.
He promised to promote the ideal among other agencies of government, while urging designers in the country to creatively design style that would promote the diverse cultures of the people.

Earlier, the President of WFO, Paco De Jaimes said the aim of the World Fashion Week was to showcase the country as leader of African fashion in the continent, adding that, it would contribute to education and economic empowerment for the people.

He said they would explore all avenues to bring the World Fashion University to Nigeria to promote self reliance among the populace.

Also speaking, The Patron of World Fashion Organization Africa, Mrs Merit Gordon Obua said Nigerians are passionate about their culture and the way they dressed.

According to her, the diversity in the Nigerian culture makes its unique among the cultural potentials of the world. Obua maintained that if the culture and fashion potentials of Nigerians were properly harnessed, it could bring about total-turn-around of the country’s economy.
She noted that Nigerian women and youth were creative, the only thing they needed was the platform that would not only build them, but also bring out the ingenuity embedded in them.

NDLEA arrest man with heroin hidden in anus at airport

Operatives of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) yesterday arrested a 34 years old man with 120 grammes of heroin hidden in his anus at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, (MMIA) Lagos.

The suspect, Mr. Ulelu Ugwumba Michael was apprehended during the screening of passengers on Qatar airline flight on his way from Pakistan.

Speaking on the arrest, NDLEA Airport Commander, Mr. Hamza Umar said that the suspect was arrested with the drug through the aid of a scanning machine used by officers of the anti-narcotics agency.

Mr. Umar further noted that the suspect inserted two wraps of brownish powdery substance found to be heroin into his anus on his way from Pakistan.

According to the Commander, “the suspect, Ulelu Ugwumba Michael tested positive for drug possession on his way from Pakistan. When placed under close observation, he excreted two wraps of substances that tested positive for heroin with a weight of 120 grammes. The case is under investigation”.

Meanwhile, Chairman of NDLEA, Ahmadu Giade foreclosed any act of leniency for the suspect.

“The suspect will be charged to court to serve as deterrent to others. Those who seek criminal ways of making money must be prepared to face the legal consequences” Giade stated.

Narrating his ordeal, the suspect said that he assumed the drug would not be detected since it was just two wraps.
He said“I am a textile dealer in Aba, Abia State. I travelled to Pakistan to buy goods. My business has suffered some downturn in the past two years. The decision to smuggle the drug was to enable me increase my capital. Since it was just two wraps weighing 120 grammes, I was so confident that it will be easy for me to pass through security checks undetected. I am sad over my arrest and pray to God for my freedom. This is my first time and I promise not to smuggle drugs again”

Ulelu is single and hails from Abia State. He claimed to have attended Abala Primary School in Obingwa but could not complete his primary education because he lost his parents.