TV Commercial as Instrument of Brand Growth

As the marketplace gets competitive for consumers,’ loyalty gets fiercer, lifestyle positioning becomes an increasingly popular approach among brand managers, especially in categories where functional differences are hard to maintain.
By connecting with consumers on a more personal level, contemporary brand managers hope to break free from aggressive competition, thereby carving a niche for their brands through line extension that speaks to specific lifestyles.

Other brands like 5 Alive, Fumman that toe the TVC line to reach their target audience have been able to carve expected niche for themselves through the deployment of broadcast commercial. Fumman projecting itself as the natural fruit juice tells much about the closeness of consumers to nature.

However, as lifestyle brands get recognition through the experiences they are associated with, their broadcast commercials are usually developed to draw attention to the positive emotion that is likely to accrue through experiences with the brand. For instance, the new radio and TV commercials of Chivita Active from the House of Chi Limited resonates on the benefits of consuming Chivita Active by people who desire a healthy and active lifestyle.

Although the brand can equally be enjoyed by all, it is targeted more at people who are eager to do more and get more out of life. This is because the brand contains six citric fruits juices and vitamin C. The citric fruit juices are Orange, Grapefruit, Lime, Tangerine, Lemon and Mandarine.

The radio commercial says it all: “Some days, you really just want to stay in bed to do so much in so little a time, just get active with Chivita Active.”

The commercial went on to say that Chivita Active helps the consumer get more out of life. You work better, play harder and do so much more and success follows. so you want to stay active, drink Chivita Active.

The 60-second TVC opens with an executive meeting and moves on to a workout on the basketball court before panning on to a grueling photo shoot at a modeling session and ending the day on the dance floor. The TVC depicts an activity-packed day that is sustained by the perfect choice of refreshment for an active life style – Chivita Active.
Undoubtedly, individuals who enjoy active lifestyles often participate in energy-sapping activities that include meetings, recreation sports, outdoor hobbies and an active social life.

Speaking on Chivita Active’s slogan,’Be Active – Do More”, Managing Director of CHI Limited, Mr. Deepanjan Roy, said: “One thing we have always tried to do is provide our consumers with a complete & balanced range of fruit juice offerings, so that we are ready to fulfill their needs irrespective of whatever they may be, from the product or the lifestyle standpoint.”


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