Denrele Edun is a Lady

Let’s put aside all the talks about him being a gay.

Has anyone truly sat down to analyze Denrele Edun’s personality? Sure y’all are wondering too.

Can’t just imagine a guy not having much to say about men’s stuff like he goes on and on about ladies’ business.

Or how else would you explain his recent tweet:

“My exotic RayBans smashed yesterday, my ImanClay2 powder broke in2 smithereens and nw my wallet is empty! WTF? Off to Lagos in d mornin Abeg”

That’s not just it, Denrele has done all kinds of stuff to his hair like braiding, fixing, tinting, bonding, name it! He uses makeup, visits exotic salon, goes to spa, fixes eye lashes, lipstick, face foundation and powder…aah! 

Doesn’t this show he prefers to have been born a lady? Abi all nah publicity stunt ni?

Feel free to comment and your send feedbacks.
ff @phemie08

Ajose Muftau


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