Nollywood Like Hollywood- Tiwa Savage, Stella Damasus, Others And Husband Snatching Drama

The entertainment industry has grown wide all over the world, intertwined they’ve become.
That’s why most of the things that happen in Hollywood have also crept into other countries of the world, Nollywood in focus.  When I say Nollywood, this write up will like to merge it with the music industry.
Most people believe that the rate of promiscuity and divorce in the entertainment industry today is more than other parastatals of the economy owing to the fact that entertainers are always everywhere, coupled with their tight schedules which makes it hard for them to maintain stable relationships.

Also, more than yester-years, wife and especially husband snatching, has also become the in-thing in Hollywood, this has also crept into Nollywood. This leaves fans worried as to why mostly female entertainers like to either settle for a married man, become second wives or snatch another woman’s husband, worse of all, secretly date fellow female entertainers’ husband.
Tiwa Savage
When gist filtered in that Tiwa Savage was dating her manager, Tunji Balogun, everyone was happy for her. But things took a new turn when Kemi Olunloyo spilled the beans about Tunji still married to a lady abroad who already had two kids for him. According to her, Tunji isn’t yet divorced from his legal wife before getting married to Tiwa. Even though Tiwa and Tunji are married traditionally, we are not sure if Tunji has completed his divorce with his first wife.
Stella Damasus
After the death of Jaiye Aboderin, Stella Damasus has been opting from one marriage and relationship to the other. After Jaiye Aboderin , she moved onto Emeka Nzeribe but the marriage lasted for just one year. Then rumours of her being into this and that relationship started filtering in and finally, she was reported to have caused separation between Doris Simeon and husband, Daniel Ademilnokan. The latest about her and Daniel is that they are now engaged but both have continued to deny their closeness.
Mercy Johnson
Once the news of their wedding hit the air, legal wife of Prince Odianosen Okojie, Lovely Okojie surfaced. According to her, Mercy was about to destroy her home as she got married to Prince in 2006 in Regio-Emilia, Italy, and that she already has two kids for him.
Responding to the accusation, Mercy Johnson through her publicist, Big Sam Media issued the statement below:
 ‘The relationship between Prince Odianosen Okojie and Lovely Okojie, packed up five years ago, and Mercy Johnson’s marriage plans to Odi has been in the open for quite a while. Odianose truly is the father of the girl in the pictures being spread all over the internet but there are doubts that he is the father of the boy. Odianose is a prince and can marry more than one wife under customary law. In her bid to stop the marriage, Lovely Okogie has gone to Christ Embassy to demand that the marriage be stopped, but the Church has requested that she provides a marriage certificate to back up her claim but as at the time of this publication, Lovely is yet to come up with a tenable certificate. While we are left to decide who is right and who is not, Mercy Johnson and Odi’s plans for the wedding remains the same, it will be a 4-day event that will run from August 25 to 28, 2011. In details, the court wedding will be on August 25, Engagement will be on 26, Church wedding and reception will be on 27 and then a Thanksgiving Service/Bride’s party on 28’.
Despite the controversy, the couple wedded and are still married till date.
Foluke Daramola
She was once married with two kids. Living as a single mother, she met Kayeode and they got married. Kayode was also a married man but according to Foluke, Kayode’s wife left him on her own will and that she(Foluke) didn’t meet any woman in his house before accepting to marry him.
Monalisa Chinda
After the breakdown of her five years marriage to Dejo Richards over irreconciliable differences, she opted for Lanre Nzeribe,, a businessman and property merchant. Lanre is known to have dated some actresses and high society women including Grace Egbagbe and Folake Odutola.
Mercy Aigbe
Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe was also married and had a daughter for her ex husband. But the marriage soon packed up and now, she’s married to fellow actress, Bimbo Akinsanya’s husband, Lanre Gent as the second wife. According to Mercy Aigbe, her husband’s first wife, Bimbo Akinsanya is extremely happy and grateful to her for getting married to her husband. Below is what she said in an interview
“There is no problem because my lyale (first wife) doesn’t even live in Nigeria. She lives in the US with her kids, and she hardly comes around. In Nigeria, I’m the only wife and she is like a senior aunty to me. It is people outside that create problem, when there is no problem. She has lived abroad all her life; she hardly comes home. She is even happy I’m married to her husband. She is like a big aunty we talk all the time” .
And just recently, both Lanre and Mercy sealed their marriage with a court wedding after years of traditional marriage.
Ini Edo
When in November 2008, sultry actress, Ini Edo got married, many expected that it would be a goodbye to spinsterhood for the actress. But about five years after marriage, Ini Edo’s case can best be described as that of a ‘married but living single’ woman. Her husband, an America-based, but Edo State-born businessman, Philip Ehiagwina was reportedly married to Ruth, who accused Ini of snatching the handsome dude from her. So, when news started flittering around about Ini Edo’s romance with Philip, it became a war for the actress, who tried everything possible to scare away possible intruders.
But five years gone, the couple seldom stays together for a period of straight six months, a source informed  While Philip has stayed back in the United States of America,  Ini Edo finds solace in Nigeria where she stays most of the time.
Funke Akindele
She knew Kehinde was already married to several women who had kids for him yet, Funke Akindele ventured into the marriage. Unfortunately for her, the marriage ended almost as soon as it started. Funke accused Kehinde of lying to her about himself, wife battery, trying to stop her from acting, secret affairs and too many secret children, lies about his educational background and all sorts. According to her, she found too many complications in Kehinde’s lifestyle she couldn’t just cope with.

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