Harry Potter Star Actress, Heirmonie’s Face Now Synonymous To A Witch

Although she acted as a witch in a movie role, Heirmonie’s face is now being equated to that of a witch.
Meaning- whenever you see her, you see a witch. Really, I’ve never thought about her this way though.
But believe it or not, that’s what actors and actresses face after taking up movie roles, especially prominent ones- their fans think they are who they acted. That’s in a way bad image don’t you think?
I stumbled on this photo and was like- what was who compiled this thinking?
Maybe it feels different in Western countries but if she were a Nigerian and acted so real in Harry Potter, it’d take a long time to see her as a normal person though. You’d be scared she might just bring out her wand and turn you into a rat! 
Or is this mentality also prevalent in the Western countries because the person who combined these photo is obviously not a Nigerian.

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Ajose Muftau


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