Toke Makinwa Shocks Nigerians with Secret Wedding

It actually took Toke Makinwa dumping him and he, Maje whining like a baby, alongside the social media drama to get him do the right thing.
After dating on and off for twelves good years, Toke obviously got tired of Maje not putting a ring where his mouth was and dumped him. We all thought it was over only to get slammed in the face with tale of their secret wedding.

The longtime lovers got married quietly on Wednesday January 15th at a registry in Lagos, with only a few family members and friends in attendance.

Maybe that’s why she posted on her Twitter handle, Thursday that she’s living a fairytale- no one actually knew what she meant by that post until now.

Meanwhile, mix reactions are rolling in from her fans who were shocked, disappointed, surprised and at the same time couldn’t help but wish her a happy married life.
Read comments below:
ToyinA said…
Awwww congratulations and jubilation Toke! Now all those people that kept calling you put can shove it where the sun don’t shine. Wish you guys many years together (the rest of your lives)
Ibrahim said…
Entertainment in action. Let us watch and see how she would make money from this whole show. Somebody is trying to be Kim kardashian of Nigeria but doing it all in a different way
Ifeoma said…
CORRECT BABE!!!!! Im sooooo happy for her! All the people that were insulting her, your asses have been handed back to you. hahahah!!! Congrats Toke! You deserve every bit of happiness that comes your way. Goes to show you need to live your life for YOU and pay no mind to what anyone has to say!
Kemi said…
Finally, these two confused people got married. I hope say d marriage go last. Because BIS dey last pass marriages these days. I wish them a blissful marriage.
Sandra said…
No big congrats to her.
1.She is nothing but a cheap pretender looking for attention,broke ass lady. 2.Why the deceit to the world that they broke up.
3.Later she brings her messed up lazy brain and advice people about relationships in the media. All i can say is that never mislead people.I don’t like you and will never do.
Celdric said…
So was the break up a publicity stunt?

Queen said…
She should listen to her own advice! twelve years? May all her followers unsubscribe!

Hawtspot said…
All those bulalalah was a media stunt, ok o, good one Toke just that I never cared why you were saying all that on social the way you are not a celebrity! HML Cinderella!!!
Benjamin said…
I don’t think they were trying to deceive people. I believe they were actually fighting but reconciled along the way and decided to keep it down. Good for them and I wish them the best.
shannia said…
Wow didn’t see dz coming afta dir recent brk up story…1daful surprise, big congrats Toke bt y did u hide ur wedding na afta attending oda pipoz own…HML
Seun said…
Venita ooooooooo. Bwahaahahhahahahahahahahahahha, where is venita…toke’s rival….am so hapi 4 toke
ElSmama said…
whoop whoop wish them the best, marriage is hard work o less socialising and don’t run to twitter every time you have an argument


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