AKING NEWS: China Approves Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP Album

Lady Gaga is one of the happiest people on earth today.

The lady of songs took to social network Twitter early morning today, where she announced that the Chinese government has approved her ARTPOP album alongside its 15 songs to be released in China.

And she hopes the country will soon invite her over to perform.

“I’m so excited!!!! The Chinese Government Approved ARTPOP to be released in China with all 15 songs! Next I hope I can come to perform!”
Critics had earlier tagged the album a flop, saying it failed to measure up to expectation.

The Poker Face singer scored a chart hit with the record last year (2013), but sales quickly dropped off after its release and it received mixed reviews from critics, many of whom gave it unfavourable write-ups.

In response to critics she writes:

“I don’t understand critics but here’s why: would you critic a dance show if you were not yourself a dancer? Would you critic an English paper if you did not speak English? Or a French paper if you don’t speak French? Don’t let these things bother you, because the concepts of Artpop I spent a lot of time and research a love on. By everybody (sic) will understand it, it operates in a place of love that sees the world as unified. It is simply a pleasurable experience for you to access if you choose. I don’t believe that we are divided as people. If you criticise others you criticise yourself.”
After pundits launched an ‘attack’ on ARTPOP, Gaga accused critics of trying to destroy her career.


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