Mandela greater than any African –Senators

elson Mandela
Nigerian senators on Tuesday paid glowing tributes to the late former South African President Nelson Mandela, describing him as the greatest African who could not be compared to any African, whether dead or alive.

The senators said this in their various contributions to a motion moved by the Senate Leader, Victor Ndoma – Egba, on behalf of 108 other senators.

Senator Abdul Ningi said, “It takes a generation to produce a great man like Mandela. People should stop comparing Mandela with any African, whether dead or alive. Mandela is an extraordinary person, a special breed, a human being par excellence. His integrity is unparalleled. Mandela, born a saint and died a saint.”

Senator Nkechi Nwogu said Mandela’s name became inspirational to Africans because he was a man of peace who held no grudge against his jailers when he was released from prison.

Senator Eyinnaya Abaribe, said, “We can help our nation by not putting first, material wealth and emulate Mandela, who, though was not rich, had great leaders of the world struggling to attend his burial.”

Senator Adegbenga Kaka said most leaders could not be like Mandela because they were cowards.

The senators therefore agreed to condole with the people and parliament of South Africa and observed a one-minute silence for the late freedom fighter.

Senate President David Mark said the greatest of the attributes of Mandela was the act of forgiveness.

He said, “People pray to get into power in order to revenge. Many whites sold their property and ran away in expectation of vengeance. He is a humble person who wants South Africa to remain a single nation.

“Leadership will generate the followership. The western world who tagged him a terrorist are now falling over each other to celebrate him at death.

“Nigerian leaders should learn and emulate him. Mandela, not Gad dafi, would have made a success of the struggle for a United Africa.”


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