Why I Denied My Child’s Paternity – Ice Prince

When news of him fathering a child hit the airwaves, everyone waited for Ice Prince to either accept or deny it. And, he denied it.
Then much more later, we started seeing him posing with his kid, and telling whoever cared to listen that he’s actually a daddy.

He recently granted an interview with Showbiz Plus where Ice explains why he had to deny paternity of his son.

According to him, he wasn’t sure as at the time the news hit the air and had to make findings to be sure the pregnancy was truly his. Now, he’s sure and has accepted his son.

“It was complicated back then, I didn’t really know what was happening and I wasn’t sure of certain things. So the best I had to do then was deny it and sort out things first. Now I know he is my child and I have done everything as a father ever since.

But Ice isn’t dating his baby mama, Bimbo Babatunde and we’re not sure he’ll marry her either.

According to him, although he still communicates with Bimbo but all they discuss is about his son.


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