Beyonce Denies Being Kicked Out from Giza for Being Rude

Contrary to story making rounds that Beyonce was banned from entering Giza for being rude, her spokes woman says the story wasn’t true.

TimesLive says Beyoncé has dismissed as a lie claims by Egypt’s former antiquities head that he banned her from visiting the pyramids because she was “rude” and “stupid”.

Britain’s Daily Mail reports that Zahi Hawass told the R&B star never to return to the pyramids when she visited Egypt in 2009 as part of her I Am … tour.

The UK’s Independent newspaper quoted Hawass, who is credited with improving the management of the pyramid sites but has also been accused of hogging the limelight, as saying Beyoncé arrived late and refused to apologise.

“I said, ‘You have to say I’m sorry I’m late’ but she didn’t open her mouth,” he reportedly said, adding that she was a “stupid person” who “doesn’t understand a thing”.

Hawass said things came to a head when a photographer he had brought with began taking pictures but was stopped by a member of Beyoncé’s entourage.

He then kicked them out.

E! News quoted a spokesman for Beyoncé as saying Hawass’s claims were a “lie”.

“Nothing like this happened. Lies and more lies,” the spokesman said.

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Ajose Muftau


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