That Time Prince William, Taylor Swift, & Bon Jovi Did A Sing-Along

taylorThis holiday, are you faced with insurmountable travel plans and impossible relatives? Well, never fear, because this video of Taylor Swift, Bon Jovi, and the flippin’ next king of England is here to distract you. Once again, this proves that one has not lived until they can sing the chorus of “Living On A Prayer” — and that includes royals, too. On Tuesday, Kensington Palace hosted a Winter Whites Gala, which both Swift and New Jersey’s finest attended. Though the gala (which raises funds for homeless youth) was set to headline the two, the vocal stylings of Prince William were a pleasant surprise.

No word on how Swift and Prince William got around to dueting with JBJ, but if it is anything like the way we typically start singing “Living On A Prayer,” it probably involved a lot of red wine and giggling. Celebrities AND Royals: They are just like us.



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