Jennifer Lawrence Takes The Sports Bra To The Red Carpet


Photo: MediaPunch Inc/REX USA.

Rules for the red carpet are definitely not the same as rules for real life. Shoes you can’t walk in? Totally fine, as long as you can stay upright long enough to make a pretty picture. No pants? No problem! And, a belly-button-grazing, deep neckline might seem pretty risqué for everyday life, but it’s as ubiquitous on the red carpet as jeans are on the street.

However, a sports bra? We’ve tried it before and loved it for our regular, non-Hunger Games-premiere-circuit lives, but it seems we aren’t the only ones who can get on board with the look. For the AMC Lincoln Square Theater premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, J Lawr paired a Dior resort ’14 dress (of the aforementioned belly-button-grazing variety) with a sports-bra-shaped bustier. Of course, this being a Dior sports bra, it was emblazoned with a lime-gold, mesh breastplate. Lawr lesson learned: Tone down a revealing party frock with a fitted, pretty sports bra (which is a way more luxe update to that whole “cami” business from the ’90s). Thanks, buddy!


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