Awful performance irritates Airtel’s NGT Judges

It was surprise galore at the Port Harcourt theatre audition of the ongoing Airtel sponsored Nigeria’s Got Talents Season 2 when Kate Henshaw and Dan Foster, both judges of the talent show, walked out on a young man, known as Heaven, for his awful performance.
The dull and careless attitude of Heaven infuriated Kate and Dan who asked him to stop singing immediately and leave the stage but Yibo, the third Judge made some effort to listen to the lacklustre performance of Heaven.

The slender built singer who hails from Port Harcourt, came on stage with so much optimism and desire to qualify for the next round of the competition, but gave an awful rendition of Asha’s inspirational hit song “Oju Mo Ti Mo”, to the dismay of both judges.
Kate and Dan had asked Heaven to leave the stage but Yibo had a contrary opinion, insisting he wanted to hear Heaven out. It was at this point that the two disinterested judges threatened a walkout if he continued singing. He continued on Yibo’s order, while Kate angrily left the stage, followed by Dan.
Yibo, who seemingly was having fun with the lad, however gave him a thumps down to align with his colleagues thus sealing the hopes of Heaven making the next round of the competition.
Reports indicate that Season 2 of Airtel Nigeria’s Got Talent show has attracted more contestants across the country hence the array of talents expected to be discovered when compared to last year’s
According to Andre Blaze, the ace presenter of the reality TV show, lots of talents from across Nigeria with diverse creativity are in contention for the N10 million prize money and a shot for stardom.
The Got Talent show is aired on Sundays on NTA Network from 5-6pm; STV 9-10pm; ON TV and Soundcity 6-7; HIP TV, OODUA TV on Channel 112 and A+ Channel on Mobile TV from 8-9pm. The show is also broadcast by V Channel 124 and WAP TV on Channel 116 both on Startimes.
In the maiden edition of the Airtel Nigeria’s Got Talent show held last year, Amarachi Uyanne, a prolific dancer who was then eight year, emerged the winner and became Nigeria’s youngest non-inheritor millionaire.


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