Tunde Ednut Calls Comments About P-Square’s Private Jet A Joke!

How are we even sure he wasn’t serious about P-Square’s private jet being fake? After all, he was in his right senses when he said it. Or maybe P-Square don put am under fire to deny the statement. Anyway, na dem sabi.

The gist is that singer cum comedian, Tunde Ednut who said the whole thing about P-Square owning a private jet is nothing but a publicity hype, has again come out to say he didn’t mean it that way, and that he was only joking.

Joking! So, maybe he’s been put under fire by P-Square so, the poor boy quickly ran to P-Square’s house Monday, took a picture and then posted it online to ‘fool’ you that he and the group are still in a cordial relationship.

We go soon hear their fight.


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