The Story Behind Lady Gaga’s Wild, $9,500 Airport Outfit

While we never expect Lady Gaga to show up anywhere looking demure, we were admittedly flabbergasted when we saw photos of the ensemble she wore to LAX on Monday. In what looks to be a leather cocoon with gills, the pop star prepared to board a flight to Tokyo, which means that she would be sitting in this getup for a whopping 11 hours. That’s what you call sartorial dedication, people.

Our curiosity got the best of us when it came to this particular ensemble, and after some deep Google searching, we found the origin of this dress. Created by Slovenian designer Peter Movrin, the silk and artificial leather dress — called “The Franz Madonna Dress” — is up for sale on Not Just A Label for $9,543.00.

The site seems right up Gaga’s alley, showcasing pieces by pioneering designers in contemporary fashion from all over the world. (There seems to be around 6,000 burgeoning talents listed on the site currently.) Movrin makes each piece to order in his native Slovenia, and the goth look was inspired by architecture, religion and rays of light. This piece is as much of a work of art as it is a piece of clothing, which is likely why Gaga — who’s a giant advocate of both — is showing the relatively unknown designer her support.

The most shocking thing about Gaga’s travel outfit? She arrived looking like this (right), which is a story for another day.

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