No decent people will remain in PDP with the way it’s being run – Nyako

Governor Murtala Nyako of Adamawa State has come down hard on the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP and its leadership, saying that no decent people will want to remain in the party with the way it is being run.
The Governor insisted that the PDP and its leadership has disappointed Nigerians both at home and in diaspora by their high level of impunity and injustice coupled with complete absence of internal democracy and rule of law.
“No Nigerian no matter his level in the society today is comfortable with the way and manner the country is drifting. The image of the country is completely eroded at the international level and yet the PDP led government and its operators are in Abuja making noise”, Nyako fumed. Nyako spoke in an interview with newsmen on arrival from Abuja at Yola Airport.
Nyako whose official car was still bearing the flag of PDP said his continuous stay in PDP would not be possible in view of the way some people in Abuja are running the party in the state after the final decision of their group to pitch tent with the APC.
Nyako cited the dissolution of Adamawa executive of the party by “the decision of one man”, adding that all committees set up to look into that action by the President recommended for the reversal of that decision to dissolved the state executive of the party but no action was taken.
“We have written the (PDP) several times over this injustice and impunity. We have been negotiating for the past one year. We have been meeting with them but no positive result”, Nyako said.
On the decision by some G7 Governors to disassociate themselves with the merger, Nyako said the said Governors would soon join the band wagon pointing out that they were just taking time to make consultations with their people.
“It is not possible for decent people to remain in PDP with the way its being run. Any decent man cannot remain in this party”, Nyako said.
He announced that part of the agreement reached with the APC was that the Governors would be the leaders of the party in their respective states.
Governor Murtala Nyako disclosed that the way forward on his entry into the APC will be sealed at a meeting of stakeholders of the party in the state soonest


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