Video Vixen, Venita Akpofure, Starts Another Twitter War!

This Ethiopian girl suddenly showed up on Twitter, claiming Wizkid has been texting and ‘bothering’ her Ethiopian roommate!

Ehn so what?

Then some bloggers are saying her claim may not be true, reminding us that Wizzy is in a ‘serious’ relationship with Tania Omotayo.

So what? At what age are we talking about here? Wizzy and this Tania girl are just kids playing around for now-at least until something serious happens. And at his age, a girl is already cohabiting with a boy that should normally still be under his parents’ tutelage.

Remember, Wizzy is still a ‘kid’ and anything can still happen. So who says him actually ‘disturbing’ the Ethiopian chick can’t be true? And who knows, that girl may also be another attention seeker


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