S’Africa TV Show Winner Goes into Hiding after Threats By Ope

Winner of South Africa’s So You Think You Can Dance Sibahle Tshibika plus her family have gone into hiding after being threatened with kidnapping.

After walking away with R250 000 in prize money on Saturday at the finale of So You Think You Can Dance in Johannesburg, Khayelitsha dancer Tshibika, 23, and her family were warned by three people, including a close friend, not to return home as a target has been put on her.

Tshibika who lost her grandmother, 72-year-old Beatrice Tshibika, after collapsing while watching her granddaughter win the competition on Saturday, took the advice of her mother that the family should go into hiding as a result of the threat.

Fortunately for her and family, they were already gone before burglars broke into their Khayelitsha shack on Tuesday.

According to Ed Worster, spokesperson for Rapid Blue, the producers of So You Think You Can Dance, the show is already looking into the situation so as to provide security for Tshibika and her family.


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