Nuts: Your New Favorite Power Food


Photographed By Amelia Alpaugh.

When it comes to guilt-free power foods, nuts are pretty much a no-brainer. Scientists, nutritionists, and diet evangelists have been singing their praises for years — they’re filled with antioxidants and they’re a great source of protein. Nuts are also high in unsaturated fat, providing a healthy, natural energy boost, and their high-fiber content keeps you full, making them one of nature’s best snacking options.

But, it turns out, according to Everyday Health, these little guys have even more special powers than we thought. For example, cashews are full of magnesium, which helps keep your brain sharp, as well as immunity-boosting zinc. Walnuts are high in manganese, which can ease PMS symptoms. Another fun fact: Pistachios have the fewest calories of any nuts, with less than four calories each; they’re also full of vitamin B6, a natural mood enhancer.


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