I will restart my life, God willing, be a model – Conrad Murray

Michael Jackson’s former doctor Conrad Murray was released from jail Monday after serving two years of a four-year sentence for the late pop icon’s death in 2009, officials said.

Murray, who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 2011 for giving Jackson the drug that killed him, left the Men’s Central Jail in Los Angeles shortly after midnight.
In an interview from prison after that civil trial ended, Murray was asked what he planned to do after his release, which was brought forward due to good behavior and prison overcrowding.

“I will restart my life and, God willing, I will be a model to show the world that despite adversity, and when bad things happen to good people, they can restart their life and succeed,” he told the “Today” show.

The 60-year-old medic evaded a group of hecklers outside the jail. His lawyer, Valerie Wass, slammed the Jackson supporters, saying: “This group of fans isn’t respecting [Jackson’s] legacy,” according to the LA Times.

Murray’s whereabouts were not immediately clear. “He was released .. safely and securely,” said LA County sheriff’s spokesman, adding that the doctor had been released to “representatives.”
There has been speculation that Murray, who had financial problems even before he was hired to look after Jackson, could make money by telling his side of the story, in a book or other form.

Murray was sentenced to four years in jail in November 2011 for giving Jackson the anesthetic propofol to help him sleep as he rehearsed in Los Angeles for a series of comeback concerts in London.
Earlier this month a jury rejected a lawsuit brought by Jackson’s family who claimed that tour promoter AEG Live negligently hired Murray, a cardiologist, to take care of the star.


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