Blackberry users are actually migrating to Android devices and iOS devices finally – Mayowa

As we all know, Blackberry messenger has officially been launched on Android and IOS, Some Blackberry users thinks this recent development is not fair on Blackberry users, hence their show of disapproval. While others sees it as a good innovation.

So i want to ask the Blackberry users in the house,have you gotten this message that is being sent to all BB users by Anti-Android activists;

“Attention Blackberry Users: If u receive any BBM request dat d pin starts wit 7, pls dnt accept. We
dnt care if you use an iPhone, Techno Phantom or Samsung S4, if you want 2 ping, buy a Blackberry.
b4 u guys will turn bbm to 2go.”

In an interview with Mayowa, a IT personality.

Can you please introduce yourself to us?

I am Mayowa Omotola, IT Analyst, Web and Graphic Designer with a degree in Computer Science.

Wot do you see to the launch of BBM on Android and iOS?

Well, some people thought it was a failing strategy by Blackberry,seeing that they lost a lot this year and even cut down their staff strength by 40%…but some other people realised that it might actually be a strategy.

They had lost market globally to Android and iOS, while they were developing their OS10. People stopped buying blackberry fones. So,with the introduction of BBM to those devices, they hope to win people back to Blackberry fones again.

Even though people stopped buying the fones, they were eagerly anticipating BBM on their devices,so much that there were already 1.1million illegal installations within 8hrs…before the actual release. On Android alone. That meant that they had a tool to attract people. And let’s not forget that the BBM for those devices is the BBM10…

They took away Voice Chat from it. And also, their PINs start from 7…. We may not see it yet, but there might be a card that Blackberry holds. Maybe a monthly or yearly subscription like Whatsapp for full functionalities that come with BBM10 fones already… Oh,Video Chat too isn’t in those versions but is in OS10 fones (Z10,Q10,Z30)

That is what I see to the release of BBM on other platforms. Dunno why they didn’t release it on Windows phone, though….

What is you view of the Blackberry users’ anti-Android campaign?

Lol…there’s really nothing major to it. So far,it has started out as just a joke, in this part of the world. Let’s hope it doesn’t escalate to something serious and major globally. But I doubt it will, as Blackberry users are actually migrating to Android devices and iOS devices finally. I’ve had friends send me their new PINs with instructions that they’re finally ditching their Blackberry fones and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t? The Android JellyBean 4.2 is better and more robust than the OS10 and some of these Android devices carry bigger punch than the OS10 fones for the same price or even less. But so far, it’s been nothing major.

See Views from blackberry users…

Feel free to comment and your send feedbacks.
ff @phemie08

Ajose Muftau


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