How Rich is Genevieve Nnanji?

Star actress, Genevieve has come a long way on stage for her to have made all the money she needs in her life time.

Not only does she charge in millions for her to star in movies, she’s also clinched some multi-million deals for herself.

Now how do you determine how much the actress is worth at the moment?

Well, we know she’s rich enough to hire a fiery looking bouncer to protect her. Genny is rich enough to cruse inside some of the best cars you can ever think of. She lives in her own house and has various investments all over the place.

She can afford the good life, I mean anything she wants.
And lastly, rich enough to splash about $4,000 on just one bag!

This is the second 10k Chanel Lego bag we will be spotting on her.

Here she rocks a Chanel Caviar Leather Maxi Flap handbag.

Go girl!

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Ajose Muftau


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  1. bufjjthoucg says:

    But my problem is, I don’t know how to eat anymore. No, I not surprised by the CEO business strategy. Think again bought a size smaller than usual (if you’re a 4, go for the 2) and worn high on the waist (rather than the hips, hence the size difference) with a basic black tee and tights, this little number has a whole lot of style cred. Plus, they have vintage outerwear and A f leggings. That’s why we hire goodlooking people in our stores. Silky silicone models assist to reduced potential risk of wonderful close to internet backlink exhibits.


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