EID EL KABIR: ACF cautions muslims

AREWA Consultative Forum, ACF, has urged Muslim faithful to live up to the tenets of Islam as a religion of peace in their daily lives as they celebrate Eid el kabr. In a statement by its National Publicity Secretary, Anthony Sani, ACF said “The celebrations of Eid el Kabr symbolize absolute submission to Allah through personal sacrifices in promotion of peaceful coexistence, perseverance, tolerance, love and accommodation of our neighbors, reconciliation and forgiveness.
“One way of demonstrating total submission to God is for all those who profess true Islam to live up the tenets of Islam as a religion of peace in their daily lives. This is because few things are less pleasing to Allah for any faithful to play havoc to His sacred injunction of inviolability of the individual. Worst still when such inviolability of individual right is said to be perpetrated in God’s name.
“That is why ACF cannot be tired of praying to God for the peaceful celebrations of the Sallah and prays to Allah to provide us with all that it takes to help promote peaceful coexistence among groups and among individuals for the good of all Nigerians as well as for unity of the country.”


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