Making The Crown – Nigeria Brain Super Model

A few days ago, precisely on Sunday 6th October 2013, a privileged few witnessed the ever lengthening strides of the revolutionary beauty pageantry tagged “Nigerian Brain Super Model” brought to us by BRENDANCE & CRUSADER LTD.

The show which held at Scintilla, Lekki, left a deep impression upon the hearts of many who were present. Thus rekindling the flame of optimism in their hearts that the future truly is bright in our rising generation.

Without a major sponsor, and with little or no budget at all, but with rugged determination, an experienced CEO, a hardworking team, and the grace of God, Brendance & Crusader overcame many obstacles that would have weighed many down and produced a bigger, better and more wonderful second season of the pageantry that critics and pundits alike have tagged as “revolutionary”

From various states across the federation, these youths scaled through the audition processes, with zeal and courage, they deemed themselves worthy of the big stage…

From across these states, 40 aspiring models were brought to Lagos and camped in a posh environment for 7 days (from 29th september to 6th October) in the which time they were groomed and prepared by top guns in the industry. On a personal note: it was a joy to watch these youths from different walks of life adapt to the strict time schedules, learn dance moves, inculcate poise and etiquette in their lives, develop lasting friendships and carry an air of grace about them in just 7 days

If it were possible, we would have crowned all of them kings and Queens for they all deserved to be so. I am sure that the Judges went through a lot of trouble in the eliminating processes, but in the end of the 2013 second edition, a night that would long be remembered and treasured by many, Nigerian Brain Super Model crowned a new king and Queen that’ll take the Nigerian fashion and style industry to the next level.

The winner Female Category is: Mso Vershima Maya (Benue state)
1st runner up (NBSM Tourism): Violet Okwuazu (Abuja)

Our Winner Male category is: Adetola Adebiyi
1st Runner up (NBSM Tourism): Ifeanyi Ogbu

fabulous prices were duly presented to these winners and also consolation prizes were given to other winners.

See pictures after the cut…

Winner Male Category

Winner Male Category

Feel free to comment and your send feedbacks.
ff @phemie08

Ajose Muftau


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