Leaked! Isabel Marant For H&M Pics

It looks like Christmas came really early this year. We’ve been looking forward to the Isabel Marant for H&M line for some time now, but the launch was so far in the distance that we tried to realign our obsessions elsewhere. (Say, stalking down that elusive 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target sweatshirt.) But now, thanks to the intrepid reporting over at Fashionista (and one ballsy user over at The Fashion Spot), we’re getting a look at real, live images of the line.

A chunk of the lookbook leaked online, giving well-dressed Francophiles a near heart attack. Our first reaction is to say that the collection is, well, freaking awesome. Marant’s signature brand of cooler-than-thou-meets-bohemian is alive
and well, here, with all sorts of trousers, dresses, and sleek coats up for grabs. And, yes, we’re also seeing those infamous, covetable boots. Click through for a look at the goods, and mark your calendars (again) for November 14.


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