Jane Lynch Gives A Touching Tribute To Cory Monteith

Award shows are well-known for in-memoriam
segments, but tonight’s Emmys held a special
place in the hearts of many Glee fans. Since
Cory Monteith’s untimely passing, we’ve all
been wondering just how his costars would
handle his death, and not surprisingly, it was
done with class and heart. Jane Lynch took the stage to deliver a moving eulogy for the world’s Finn Hudson. She acknowledged his
tragic disease, and the destruction it can
cause, as well as paid tribute to Cory’s
outgoing and generous spirit. “Cory was a
beautiful soul,” she said. “He was not perfect, which many of us tonight can relate to. His death was a reminder of the rapacious, senseless destruction that is brought on by addiction.”

We’re not sure about the theater, but there
certainly wasn’t a dry eye at AMB. Lynch
gave a special shout-out to all of Cory’s fans,
letting them know that he was as deserving of their love as they were of his. There’s no word on whether Lea Michele was watching, but we have no doubt that Jane truly made her proud.

“Tonight we remember Cory for all he was,”
she said. “And mourn the loss for all he could
have been.”


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