I didn’t plan to be part of Project Fame – Adetoun Adekoya, season 5 runner-up

The story of Adetoun Adekoya is like a classic music hit. It has all the harmonies, melodies, and groove of an evergreen musical piece . Adetoun is definitely not a new name in the entertainment industry. She made her big break when she emerged 2nd Runner-Up during this year’s MTN Project Fame West Africa (Season 5). Adetoun Adekoya won a brand new Toyota Yaris including a cash prize of N1 million naira.
To further unleash her music prowess, she released her waka laden track: Cindarella, which is gradually carving a niche for her in the Nigerian music landscape. In this interview with Showtime, Adetoun opens up on life after project fame, how she handles stardom, and her passion for music…Enjoy!!!
What was it like emerging the second runner-up at the Project Fame West Africa season 5?

Adetoun Adekoya
Project Fame season 5 wasn’t something I planned to be part of, at the initial stage. I never thought I could go that far not to talk of emerging the 2nd runner up. For the fact that I took part in the competition and got to the final stage was a great honour for me because I wouldn’t have done it without God. So, the feeling is still like” really! I think it’s worth it you know, with all the lectures in the Academy, rehearsals, exercises, different lessons, the good, the bad and the ugly. I guess I can say God crowned my effort and all thanks to everyone that supported me with their votes. Did you expect to win?
Not all. For me, it was a competition and we were all aspiring to win the show but there can just be only one winner. And the one with the highest votes emerges the champion. How has participating in the reality TV show helped to shap your career?
Well with God’s help Project Fame has really helped shaped my career in music and made me to discover another genre of music, I’m not use to, which is WAKA. What inspired your song ‘Cindarella’?
The inspiration came when I was given mama Salawa Abeni’s song to perform during Project Fame season 5. At first, I didn’t like the song but because it’s a competition so you must sing it whether you like it or not. After I listened to the song I fell in love with it because the song is just so sweet and the last time I heard it was when I was growing up, so, I gave it my all, making the viewers who watched Project Fame season 5 love the song. After performing the song, I discovered I could do something related to that because by then people had started calling me mama Salawa Abeni’s daughter(waka baby) What do you think is responsible for your versatility?
As for me, growing up in a musically literate family really helped my career a lot because I was able to listen to different genres of music. I pick something in each song I listen to , and make it my own .I also find avenues to infuse the style in whatever I sing without forgetting to discipline myself in order not to overdo it. I’m versatile because I listen to different genre of music.

Adetoun Adekoya
How did music start for you?
Music is something I have always loved. As a child, growing up in my church’s children’s choir, I listened to a lot of artistes. Everyone around me was my listening audience. While growing up I guess my dad discovered the gift in me because I can still remember how he would ask all of us to sing a particular song while he’d play his guitar then. I joined the church choir, started backing up in the studio for artistes and the music journey began. So, in a nutshell, my love for music started when I was young. What’s new in your plate?
Well, for now, I am working on another single which will be ready soon. I’m also planning to shoot the video as soon as possible. How do you handle stardom?
With God’s help I have been able to manage it well. Though sometimes it might be a little awkward but sincerely speaking, it’s fun. Once you remain yourself you will enjoy life more. Can you tell us about your educational background?
I had my primary and secondary education in Ibadan Oyo State(Baptist Nursery and Primary school and Baptist Secondary School,).I am a graduate of Mass-Communication from Olabisi Onabanjo University .I am also a caterer by profession. Who are your favourite Nigerian artistes?
I love Lagbaja and Asa.
What will be your final word to aspiring artistes?
Everyone is special. You have something in you that makes you special. Don’t ever let go. As an artiste God gave you that talent for a reason so keep pushing. He shall definitely grant us our heart desires.


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