Blackface reacts to Tuface’s alledged wedding invitation

Against the backdrop of the recent interview where 2face alleged he had invited Blackface to his wedding,Blackface has reacted in an interview with Abuja based radio station Hotfm stating that 2face keeps avoiding him for reasons best known to him.
He says he’s been trying to get across to 2face to talk about his song African queen that has been sang by a Jamaican artist in the US without the right to do so…’ if someone sings that song it means someone gave out the right ’he keeps avoiding me cos he doesn’t want to talk about these issues.

For the wedding ‘he would have put the blame on his management and called me or something’ but till today since he returned from his wedding in Dubai, he hasn’t called me, my uncle whose house we stayed throughout the days of our musical career passed away during the time of his traditional marriage, then the white wedding he never called to even ask about my uncle or to sympathize with me, so there must be something wrong somewhere …it must be about the music money.
In any case Blackface has a new single titled ‘see you move’ enjoying airplay on some radio stations across the country.


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