Diary of a Queen: ‘The Human Nature’

Hello friends. Hope everything has been great with you guys? Don’t forget I wish you all nothing but the best.

Last week, I was sent to this really
expensive boutique here in Lagos to do a little shopping and when I got there, my size was the problem. To make matters worse, the owner of the store was not a fan of slim people and kept on making so many comments that I didn’t find funny.

With an annoying accent, she said stuff like “I don’t sell small sizes because slim people can’t afford my clothes. In Nigeria, the bigger you
are, the more money you have. I have clothes with prices up to half a million naira, skinny people can’t afford those clothes and so I don’t bother.” The only thing I kept saying in my head was ‘are you kidding me?’

But seriously, was she kidding?
I had this urge to storm out of the store but I couldn’t for obvious reasons, even though it would have been justified.

You see, human beings are very funny species. Everyone wants someone to measure up to their standards of perfection.

Humans are wired to criticise, cajole and outrightly air their opinions without caring whose ox is being gored. Everyone will have something to say about you, about your physical appearance and what they think you should look like. If it is
possible to clone in Nigeria, plastic surgeons will be the richest folks in the country.

People will always think you should add more weight and in the other case, they will think you should get rid of fat. Who sets these rules?

Slim, fat, skinny, tall, or short etc. we are all wonderfully and fearfully made by God. Do not judge yourself with the standards of other people.
I will not apologise for being a ‘size 8’ and you should never apologise for being a size 6, 12, 14, 16 or even 20. What matters is how you feel inside and you can’t feel great
if you let the words of people get to you because human beings will always talk. It’s not wickedness, it’s not ‘meanness’, it’s not joblessness, it is the Human Nature!

I love you all.

“No man has seen my nipples” – Adora

Adora is a Nigerian international model. Thought born in the US,her parents are Igbo. After posing
semi-nude for Sports-Illustrated, her career has soared higher and it comes with criticisms especially from those who feel her photos are Un-Nigerian.

In an interview with Culture Shock Nigeria, when asked about her reaction to the criticisms on blogposts she said “”Well, what I would say about the blog posts and the nudity thing, my father is very proud of me, first and foremost.

I am a well rounded individual. I did everything he wanted me to do, and kind of like what I wanted to do, like going to school, getting my education, and this is just something that I’m adding to my resume and my life achievements and accomplishments so he’s very proud of me. And as long as I’m happy that’s all he cares about. [My photos] are done in a tasteful way. I’m not out there, boobs all out {laughs}.

Like I’m being a little coy with it, you know, I’m kind of like hiding it a little bit. I’m hiding my boob, it’s not all out there like hello {laughs]. No one knows what my nipples look like {laughs}. It’s not all out there. It’s done in a very tasteful way
and I would never compromise myself. If I wasn’t comfortable doing it and if I felt like I was in some way doing something that would embarrass my family, I would never do anything that would embarrass my family or myself for that matter.

So nudity done in a tasteful way, and if you’re comfortable, God created these bodies of ours, you know, I’m just celebrating it and getting paid at the same time so that’s a good thing.”

BREAKING NEWS: BBM for Android gets a sign- up page

Blackberry originally promised us that their Android and iOS messaging apps — affectionately known as Blackberry Messenger or BBM — would be coming to us
by the end of summer. By our Gregorian calendar, summer ends September 21st, and we’re quickly approaching that date.

With that, it’s natural that we start seeing and hearing more and more about the arrival of the premium chat service.

We still don’t have a solid date to look forward to, though from what you guys have told us in the past, not many people are exactly “looking forward” to anything. Blackberry Messenger seems a bit unnecessary in this day and age, with folks
already comfortable with existent platform- agnostic messaging services, or the default services of their respective operating systems (iMessage for iOS, Hangouts for Android, etc)

That’s not to say Blackberry Messenger won’t have its uses for many people, but it’s just not as big of a deal as it would have been, say, 5 years ago. If you really are hyped for the service, though, be sure to head to the BBM landing site and put your email address into the hat.

Controversial interview: Yes Mag reacts to Genevieve’s denial… “we have evidence”

Publishers of Yes Magazine have responded swiftly to Genevieve Nnaji’s denial of an interview published in it’s soft sell, insisting they have evidence.

Yes in a statement said “Like we
professionally stated in our intro, it’s an old interview she had with our Publisher/Editor- in-Chief, Azuh Arinze, years back at Oceanview Restaurants, Victoria Island,
Lagos. He only stumbled on the tape again and reproduced it. Above all, we still have the tape of the interview as well as photographs taken on that day”

In the alleged exclusive interview,
Genevieve Nnaji had been quoted as opening up on the kind of man she wants to spend the rest of her life with; an alleged relationship with Kunle Coker and plans to go back to school.

Hours after the story went viral, Genevieve had come on social medium twitter to refute the interview.

Efforts to get Genny to react to this twist as at press time has not been successful.

Madonna is Highest-earning Celebrity

Pop star Madonna was the world’s top- earning celebrity over the past year, trumping the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg.

The 55-year-old Material Girl made an estimated $125m (£80m) thanks to her MDNA tour, clothing and fragrance lines, according to Forbes.

The magazine said it was the most money Madonna had made in a single year since it began tracking earnings in 1999, reports the BBC.

Director Steven Spielberg was at number two with $100m (£64m).
Most of his earnings came from his back catalogue of film hits such as ET and Jurassic Park – which has just been released in 3D to mark its 20th anniversary – as well as last year’s Oscar winning Lincoln.

The director also takes a cut of all ticket sales at Universal Studios theme parks.

Third place was a three-way tie between 50 Shades of Grey author EL James, Simon Cowell and shock jock Howard Stern, with earnings of $95m (£61m).

Thriller writer James Patterson follows with $91m (£58.5m), while TV and radio host Glenn Beck earned $90m (£57.8m).

Others in the top 10 included Transformers director Michael Bay ($82m, £52.7m) producer Jerry Bruckheimer ($80m, £51.4m) and pop star Lady Gaga ($80m).
Forbes compiles its annual list of celebrity earnings using input from agents, managers, producers and others to calculate its estimates for each celebrity’s entertainment- related earnings.

The figures do not reflect tax deductions, agent fees or “the other expenses of being a celebrity”.